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Paul carries out all repairs: Neck-grafts, Sound-post Patches, Crack Repair, Action Adjustments, Arching Correction, Bass Bar Replacement, Block Replacement, Bridge Fitting, Button Doubling/Ebony Crowns & Replacement, Buzz Diagnosis, Care & Cleaning, Centrejoints Rejoined, Chest Patches, Corner and Edge Replacements & Underlaying, Crack Repair, Fingerboard Dressing & Replacement, Neck Repairs & Resets, Neck Grafts & Replacements, Nut Adjustments & Replacements, Patching of Holes in Wood, Peg & Fine Tuner Repair & Replacement, Pegbox Flank Facing & Replacement, Peghole Bushings, Pickup Installation & Replacement, Purfling Repairs, Restoration of Vintage Instruments, Re-stringing, Rib Repairs, Saddle Adjustments & Replacements, Seams Re-glued, Soundpost Adjustments & Replacements, Soundpost Patches, Tailpiece & Tailgut Adjustments & Replacements, Tuning Problems, Varnish Touch-up, Warpage Correction, Wolf Tone Elimination and Worm Damage Repairs.

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